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    Wednesday, September 28, 2016

    Shocking study says that detox products make human fat and cause polygenic disorder.
    There are several harmful chemicals, that disrupt your ability to balance blood glucose and metabolize sterol.
    that detox products destroy the fragile balance of a microorganism in your gut;They influence the genes inside your fat tissue to form new fat cells.
    That detox products could affect  a profound impact on the thyroid glands and so the endocrine, that from its role regulation metabolism and weight by dominant, the fat-burning method and glandular disease ended up in the shortage of iodine deficiency in iodine ends up in a big public health risk to the body attributable to iodine-body advantages are:
    1 - Works as a catalyst within the metabolism and burn energy.
    2 - prevents the storage of calories as fat.
    3 - prevents thyromegaly.
    Why do detox products into the body that accumulate on over time  and times?
    The health of the body and rapid weight loss through good nutrition
    The body alas exposed to detox products from is what we feel, and this is because of everything that surrounds humans from contaminants, such as those in the water, air and in fast food, which depends on unsaturated fat and other sources myriad of toxins - that the liver cannot  get rid of detox products fast enough, making the store rights to these harmful toxins and this is why you feel a deep and continuous hibernate struggling with health problems and inconvenience stubborn fat.
    This is the reason why the body likes to sleep a lot because he is fatigued and 
    tired, so the active body is the body of toxins and a few healthy bodies.

    What about organic food?
    In fact, the commitment to healthy eating is the beginning of reality to a healthy life, the person who relies on organic foods, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and good fats.
    I like to ask myself what the meaning of organic food?
    The health of the body and rapid weight loss through good nutritionThat's a good question that organic food is, in fact, the closest to the healthy life crops must be grown under specific conditions and these conditions that the soil must be good, and be separate from other crops, do not use artificial pesticides or genetic engineering of biological or fertilizer derived from petroleum, not irrigation of agricultural crops organic sewage water until a natural fertilizer that comes from animals, and livestock must be those animals feed on the good foods be infected before the disease and do not take certain medications or.
    All this makes us say:
    Organic food of the best foods that used free of contaminants to life.
    But these organic foods become good at now either what happened in your body for dozens of years, what would you do?

    A very serious question: whether the organic food is now prevented from an increase in pollutants that enter the body, but what we say in who entered the body, and the body kept him in places that you know of places, Kalptun fat and buttocks and other.

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    Tuesday, August 23, 2016

    4 Cycles fast fat burning

    The health of the body and rapid weight loss through good nutrition
    4 Cycles fast fat burning
    Now You Can Eat Lots of Your Favorite Carbs and NEVER Store Them as Fat

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    Weight loss by intermittent fasting

     Frequently asked questions on Eat Stop Eat.
     Q:  I want to lose weight fastly, but I fear it affects negatively the building my muscles?
    Eat stop Eat does not  affect adversely the muscles in the bod               
    therefore, this system is like magic we should take in weight lose
    Q: Are there any tips to help lose weight fast? 
    A: Yes you can lose weight fast if can incorporate any diet style you wish and still see fantastic results
    and this gives you the best results and you'll get rid of weight quickly 
    Q: Is it possible to trace the woman diet or this will affect them negatively?
    A: In fact, there is an entire chapter (fasting for women) is talking about women and how women can get rid of the excess weight easy and simple way and fast results that thousands of Eat Stop Eat style of eating has helped women lose weight
    Q: How is rumored separation  ‘How to keep it off’ in a book to eat to stop eating?
    A: The separation of (how to maintain it) tells how to lose weight and not only that but keep the weight and not, as happens when most of the diets that the patient returns quickly to the weight that it was even more 
    than that weight Therefore, this system keeps the weight after decreased

    Q: Do you Eat stop Eat long-term system adversely affects the health of the body?
    A: On the contrary, the Eat stop Eat is one of the systems that had been applied in the long run benefit the overall health of the body that is to reduce inflammation, and activate phagocytosis Resume trails, decreasing the total load of poison in the body system.

    Q: Do diets rich in protein can help in weight loss in Eat stop Eat regime?
    A: In fact, there are studies that say: eat the largest amount of protein may be associated with an increased rate of loss as long as the reduction of calories as long as they eat between 70 and150 grams of protein aday  

    The health of the body and rapid weight loss through good nutrition
    The health of the body and rapid weight loss through good nutrition

    what's the easiest way to lose weight?
    The health of the body and rapid weight loss through good nutrition-You must be have a strategy that will help you get rid of the pain overweight
    -As well that this simple strategy will make you more energetic and active and look younger
    -And I want every person reading these words to enjoy losing weight

    Why diets do not work?
    I think that the diet does not work very simple reason
    When you are told to skip entire food groups.When forced to reduce the calories , you
    The health-of-the body-and-rapid-weight-loss-through-good-nutrition
    cann't do that
    Why you cann't underestimate the calories ?
    For man doesn't have the discipline of behavioral and behavioral science says that man does not have only small amounts of discipline and this man will return to eat larger quantities
    How do I get if weight loss ?
    You may get a good weight loss and diet through dieting and this is what is provided to you

    The health of the body and rapid weight loss through good nutrition
    The health of the body and rapid weight loss through good nutrition

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    Monday, August 22, 2016

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